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All about social media



All about social media



If you are an internet user then you must have heard of the term “Social Media marketing”. Well what does it actually mean? Most of us would say that it’s a form of media that helps us to hang out with our friends and become social.  According to me, social media is a new arena in which public relations approaches can be used to reach to the people beyond our imagination.



Social media is all about knowing about the people and talking to the people from different parts of the world. On social media channels, people share links, stories, news, pictures, videos and many other things. That’s why business companies have also started to use these channels to convey their business messages and business themes to the millions of the people.


Many small scale companies have gained a lot of popularity by working on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms also connect companies with other business companies. It is all about building solid relationships and offering value to the clients and potential customers. Companies strive to develop collaborative relationships with their partners and earn benefits through it.